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After the retrospective "Bert Theis: Building Philosophy, Cultivating Utopia" and the "Archipelago Bert Theis" in spring and summer of 2019 at Mudam and other locations in Luxembourg, we founded the BERT THEIS ARCHIVE in autumn 2019. On the 12th of February 2020, our association obtained the official status as a non-profit organization.

We described it's tasks on the archive's website as follows:
"The Bert Theis Archive promotes cultural initiatives, collaborates with scholars, and participates in the realization of retrospective and collective exhibitions in both private and public spaces, organizing the loan of artworks owned by the Archive and private collectors. It takes care of the archiving of works and historical materials, publications relating to exhibitions and events, books, press reviews and photographic material. It ensures the conservation of the aforementioned, also making it available for study purposes at its headquarters ... the task of the Archive remains to encourage, promote and support the activist and community spirit that guided Bert Theis in his entire body of work."

While we are dedicated to a professional approach in the care and archiving, we think that BERT THEIS ARCHIVE should not be a reclusive organization only focused on preservation. We hope for it to be an active instrument to encourage, promote and support; it should be anchored in a broader base. We would be glad if you join us in this longtime project by becoming a member of BERT THEIS ARCHIVE a.s.b.l.

The membership fee is 25 € /year (this is the minimum fee, you are free to choose your own contribution).
We are fully aware of the economic difficulties that many cultural and other actors face with the current situation of Covid19. For 2020 you can become a member at a lower fee or a symbolic contribution.

Our non-profit organization's tasks described above are wide. Even with a committee and a team working on an unpaid basis, many of it can only be realized with financial support beyond our membership fees. All donations to support BERT THEIS ARCHIVE, whether from a person or an organization will be welcome and help the archive to take broader action and make the work and spirit of Bert live on.

Management Committee
Mariette Schiltz / president
Enrico Lunghi / vice president
Marco Scotini / scientific director
Rob Engel / treasurer
Nora Blaise / secretary
Scientific committee
Marco Scotini
Charles Esche
Hou Hanru
Vasif Kortun
Erna Hecey
Angelo Castucci
Rob Engel
Edna Gee

Bert Theis Archive
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Agrément 2020/095 décerné par le comité du Fonds culturel national lors de sa réunion du 23 septembre 2020 et renouvelé le 14 septembre 2022 portant désormais le n°2022/095.